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Key Hires

The Experts that Drive Your Technology Strategy and Projects

When it’s important to get the right person for a business or project critical role, not just the first person in a CV race - our Key Hire product truly is best in-class. Our modern and constantly revised version of a classic search comes with up to 12-months’ free candidate replacements, cash-back options and a suite of value-add features to guarantee efficiency, success and customer satisfaction. Our methods, technology and reach means we never fail to get an offer within six-weeks from initiation of the campaign. When you want the best, engage with the best!

  • Full project planning and back-2-back SLA’s mapped out, in advance.

  • Tech first “deep-searching”, to create unparalleled long-lists for our team of dedicated senior delivery people to drill down from (unique to us!)

  • Time-saving process from video prescreening to forensic target market mapping.

  • Six-week money-back guarantee - no offer within 6 weeks, we repay the retainer! No quibbling.

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