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Project Delivery (SoW)

Statement of Works enables clients to parcel elements of work to outsource

Such Outcome-based project delivery = the modern alternative to:

• Expensive consultancy options
• Release internal teams to do other core tasks
• Speed up roll outs

As a modern talent solutions partner, we behave more like consulting practices, delivering
completed work against milestones, managing the entire process from scoping, team
construction through to test and delivery.

Consultancies use businesses like (insert brand) to establish the ideal delivery teams, but by
cutting out the middleman and coming directly to us, our clients have greater:
• Agility
• Control
• Cost savings

  • Full programme management.

  • On shore, near shore, and offshore delivery

  • Detailed progress reporting

  • Various free structures: T&M, Milestones or a combination of both

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