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What to expect working in a tech hyper-growth start up?

If you are a tech professional, then it may seem that there can be no more exciting career opportunity than working at a hyper-growth start up enterprise. A hyper-growth start up essentially mea...

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Tech Salaries 2023: Prepare for Battle

​With all the talk about salary increase in the last 6 months or so, we decided it was time for us to do a bit of investigating ourselves, to see what’s really going on in the Hong Kong region. Our...

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​The 3 Mistakes That Recruiters Make When Recruiting in Tech

​The 3 Mistakes That Recruiters Make When Recruiting in TechThe world continues to be dependent on digital technology, ranging from AI, e-commerce, cloud-based solutions and more. Essentially ne...

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What Kind of Package Could You Expect In A Tech Role?

What Kind of Package Could You Expect In A Tech Role?​When it's time to start looking for your next job, one of the first considerations will always be the potential salary expectation. And, whils...

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Hong Kong is Returning to the Centre of Global Economics

​Following the new talent fund announcement and an ease in Covid restrictions, the HK region is set to return as the Finance and Fintech capital. If there was ever a time to expand in Hong Kong, i...

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Why speed to market is your biggest challenge to find developers?

​Why speed to market is your biggest challenge to find developers?Without a strong team of developers, your business may experience a variety of operational difficulties which can impact project...

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Market Correction

​Introduction:​Inevitably, the frothy, hot, market driving, record-breaking technology investment could only go one way. We have finally found some relief from the painstaking skill crisis, but the...

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The skill shortage: what’s happened across finance & Insurance?

​The talent shortage in software development and finance has, unsurprisingly, had some vast effects on the finance community. It is important to acknowledge the advances in technology, and digital ...

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Why Talent Acquisition is Vital in Software Development

​A strong talent acquisition game is crucial for any organization. But in knowledge-driven sectors like the tech industry, the ability to attract, hire and retain the right people is often what wil...

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Talent Partners vs Contingency Recruitment

​Technology is a competitive field, and the demand for top talent keeps increasing. ​To build category-leading solutions, you need to find skilled people who will thrive in your organization and be...

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