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Team Bundles

Build Effective Project Teams, Cost Effectively

Bundling is our multi-hire solution for organisations needing to scale up permanent teams, either over time or with intense urgency. Like all great ideas, it’s simple by design. By building bespoke talent-pooling campaigns, we turn reactive hiring into a pro-active solution. By signing an agreement to deliver multiple people of a similar type, we can affect significant cost savings. By knowing what your ‘Perfect Pete’ looks like we can reduce the workload of your internal Talent Acquisitions functions.

  • Forward planning (a joy and facilitator for any talent solutions provider... it’s game changing!)

  • Full tech engagement unleashing the might of the best, most-efficient automation and most up to date AI, to uncover everyone you would want to engage with.

  • Up to 12-months free replacements

  • Creative fee structure that aligns to our clients ultimate goals.

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