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Our Consultants are Evolving: Are You?

To maximize your chances of career success, you need to place your skills, talent and drive into an environment filled with support, opportunity and leadership. No one understands and commits to this ethos more than Inspire.

The rewarding Inspire career path is underpinned by our unique approach. Our brand is working at the forefront of talent solutions in the world's most dynamic sector: technology across Hong Kong and South East Asia. We provide some of the most exciting companies with the most sophisticated digital transformations teams.

We harness the latest tech innovations, marketing techniques and the Group’s – CGP Group – reach to dramatically boost your chances of success and productivity.

We are a talent partner of some of the most respected banks and financial institutions in the region, investing in the most advanced technologies and professionals. We are always looking to attract people into our team who wish a long-term relationship and are quality-focused.

The compelling reasons to join us:

The best packages: We Pay the best packages because we believe the best people deserve the highest reward. We offer high basic salaries and a generous bonus plan. If you are a high performer, we doubt you can get paid more elsewhere.
Employee stock option plan. We are in the process of preparing for an IPO backed by Morgan Stanley Private Equity. Your shares are worth something with us! It's not all talk.
Career mobility: In 7 short years, we have opened up over ten offices in 4 countries. We are only getting started and have plans to go global in a big way.
An entrepreneurial environment: You can make a difference at our company. Your ideas will be heard and implemented—no red tape or bureaucracy.

Our Growth, Your Ambition

Being part of Cornerstone Partners –with investment from Midea Capital and Morgan Stanley Private Equity – our growth plans are highly ambitious. Our aim is to be the leader in hybrid recruitment/consulting across the region. To achieve this goal, our 12-monthtarget is to double our teams within China, Hong Kong and Japan. And we want you to join us. Our growth plans create a wealth of opportunities for our colleagues to grow into management, leadership and international positions. In fact, we can't grow unless you do.

Investing in You

Coaching, inspiring and continual improvement are at the heart of our style of leadership and management. We offer a suite of training and coaching opportunities to support consistent development. We've refined a unique CGP training programme in partnership with the leading recruitment industry network, ready to take you from “good” to joining an entirely new breed of consultants: respected, wealthy and industry experts. Ready to take the next step?

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