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​The 3 Mistakes That Recruiters Make When Recruiting in Tech

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​The 3 Mistakes That Recruiters Make When Recruiting in Tech

The 3 Mistakes That Recruiters Make When Recruiting in Tech

The world continues to be dependent on digital technology, ranging from AI, e-commerce, cloud-based solutions and more. Essentially nearly all jobs are affected by technology, which has resulted in gaps in recruitment that companies who rely on their expertise are eager to fill. As a result, the golden run of job growth continues to increase, with high demand for highly skilled professionals outweighing supply.

We are aware that the competition for tech talent isn’t new, but the rate of tech implementation by organisations has far surpassed the rate of available tech professionals. Nowhere is this more prevalent than in the tech space. Adding the perpetual shift and evolution of technology, each year still faces various recruitment challenges which organisations must tackle.

Recruitment Challenges in the Tech Sector

Although fast changes are accelerating in tech, recruitment mistakes remain consistent. It is difficult to find the right talent meaning that such mistakes possess harsher consequences, such as costing a company a great amount of money, hence prevention is vital. Specifically, tech companies are currently being faced with a critical talent shortage, with both attracting and subsequently retaining people with the right knowledge and expertise proving extremely difficult. If you’re trying to revamp your recruitment process, resolving the persistent mistakes recruiters make is pivotal.

Here are 3 key challenges companies face when recruiting tech talent:

Mistake One: Hiring For Skills

Of course, it's essential that a new tech employee has the skills and knowledge needed to carry out the job at hand. Yet by only focusing on these hard technical skills and qualifications, Tech companies run the risk of making "bad hires", who won't stay the course. Instead, recruiters need to ensure that they pick candidates who are a good mesh with their existing teams, and who can demonstrate possession of softer skills such as effective communication, problem solving, or even leadership qualities.

Mistake Two: Not Selling Their Brand

It's never too soon to start building a positive company culture, and by doing so, Tech firms can start to project a buzz about being a great place to work. Businesses need to be clear on their ethos and values as an employer, and get the message across by engaging with their target candidates on social media and beyond. Encouraging happy current employees to become "brand ambassadors" is a good way to make use of the tech network and get the word out that working at this firm is a rewarding choice.

Mistake Three: Not Being Clear On Hires

All too often, Tech firms rush to hire new tech talent as the business grows, yet without taking the time to first establish what they really need. By failing to carry out a proper skills audit, as well as assessing the tech skills that will be needed to achieve the next set of business objectives, Tech companies run the risk of hiring people who aren't able to fulfil their needs.

Overcome Tech Recruitment Challenges With Inspire

From attracting the best talent available, to helping your business to retain them over the long term, Inspire has the specialist knowledge and experience needed to provide your ideal hiring solution. Avoid the usual recruitment mistakes by partnering with our expert team, and instead look forward to seeing your business grow.

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