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What Kind of Package Could You Expect In A Tech Role?

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What Kind of Package Could You Expect In A Tech Role?

What Kind of Package Could You Expect In A Tech Role?

When it's time to start looking for your next job, one of the first considerations will always be the potential salary expectation. And, whilst it's true that no two roles are likely to offer exactly the same salary package or benefits, there are a number of factors that will determine how much you could be paid for your next role in Tech. These factors include location, your level of experience (including any additional team leader or managerial responsibilities), and, of course, the skill set that you can bring to the table.

New Career Opportunities Since Covid

The good news, however, is that since the Covid pandemic transformed many organisations' approach to working remotely, there are now more opportunities to find work without geographical restrictions limiting your choice. Flexible and hybrid working options have also now become the norm at many workplaces, which means that career progression will be easier to achieve for those with families or other domestic responsibilities.

And, of course, the growing demand for people who can fill key tech roles is good news for anyone looking to command a healthy salary. Entry-level developer roles in the UK can offer around £28,000 per annum, with senior full-stack developers able to achieve salaries of £75,000 to £93,000 after three to five years in the sector. With a little more experience under the belt, professionals in this role can expect to command up to £130,000.

Other Benefits To Consider

Whilst having a decent pay packet is undoubtedly important (especially in the current financial climate with living costs expected to rise), there are other benefits that can make a job in Tech highly appealing. When demand is high for tech talent, those with the right skills can take their time and cherry pick the ideal working environment. Look for companies that can provide a healthy, positive corporate culture, where commitments to fighting climate change through initiatives such as carbon off-setting, or where diversity and inclusion is a priority.

It's also worth considering a job than can offer you more than just money, if it can deliver extra satisfaction in your day-to-day life. A role with tangible opportunities for career progression will always be a smart choice, whilst a company that can offer you a workload of stimulating, challenging projects will help to keep you motivated. Similarly, choosing to join a business that is renowned for being at the cutting edge of technological development will ensure that your career benefits in the long run. All of these reasons are well worth choosing over a pure increase in salary.

Find Your Ideal Tech Role

No matter where you are in your tech career, here at Inspire, we can help you to move up to the next level. We have all of the understanding and expertise needed to match our candidates with their ideal tech roles at the most exciting Tech companies, helping them to achieve their ambitions, as well as their salary expectations.

Why not get in touch with our specialist team today, at Hong Kong, Level 20, Infinitus Plaza, 199 Des Voeux Road Central, Sheung Wan and discover how Inspire could help you to fulfil your career goals?