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What to expect working in a tech hyper-growth start up?

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What to expect working in a tech hyper-growth start up?

If you are a tech professional, then it may seem that there can be no more exciting career opportunity than working at a hyper-growth start up enterprise. A hyper-growth start up essentially means a company that is rapidly expanding in the very earliest stage of its inception, and this means that part of the challenge will include determining the nature of its objectives and direction for development, almost as they are taking place.


If you can successfully step up to the demands of working in such an environment, then there's little doubt that a tech hyper-growth start up can offer substantial career benefits. It will give you the opportunity to prove your worth as a problem solver, agile thinker, and a team player, and so makes a great fit for anyone who can thrive under pressure and think outside the box. But what is it really like to work at such a company every day?


It's Not All About The Money

 Many tech professionals will be coming from a background where the focus has been very much on adding fiscal value to their organisation. This is by no means always the case for a hyper-growth start up, and adapting to this shift in mindset may take a while. Instead, this kind of enterprise is often more interested in the people it's bringing on board and the kind of work that they can produce together. Such an organisation often wants to focus on developing real solutions for the wider community- making money is a secondary consideration.


A Learning Opportunity

 In this kind of enterprise, there will be an incredible scope for acquiring new skills, which makes it an attractive career opportunity for many in the tech industry. It makes sense to think of such a business as being akin to a teenager becoming an adult- there are likely to be issues as the unexpected occurs, together with some inevitable growing pains, but the efforts will ultimately be worth it. Be prepared for such upheavals as everyone finds their feet, and be ready to adapt as situations change around you.

Potential For Promotion

 A hyper-growth offers amazing opportunities for career advancement, thanks to its fluid structure. This means that you can often craft your own role within the organisation and define your own career path so that it matches your unique aspirations. This is a far cry from the rigid pathways to promotion typically found in more established organisations. It also makes for greater career satisfaction, as you can feel that you are making a truly valuable contribution to the company.


Specialist Tech Recruitment

 The most exciting hyper-growth opportunities are in hot demand, and for the right talent with a motivated outlook and an ability to adapt to a rapidly evolving remit, it can be a real benefit to longer term career prospects.


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