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​How Will Cyber Security Jobs Change In 2023?

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​How Will Cyber Security Jobs Change In 2023?

The last twelve months have certainly been a busy period for those working in the field of cyber security. Several high-profile events, with the war in Ukraine being the most significant, had a tangible impact on the cyber threat landscape. Concurrently, key developments such as the identification of a number of new open source software vulnerabilities, meant that the demand for skilled cyber security professionals was high. However, this was offset to some degree by a significant drop in funding and investment for new security innovation as the global economic situation remained challenging.

It seems clear that 2023 will be no less busy for those in the industry as experts set out their predictions for the coming year. As last year demonstrated, no one can consider themselves safe from being made a target: both high profile organisations and small businesses were affected by cyber crime in 2022 and this situation looks set to continue. Data breaches have affected almost every industry and sector imaginable, from government departments to retail businesses, with the result being that an estimated 15 million data records were accessed by maleficent actors in the last quarter of 2022 [1].

New Developments Ahead.

Key trends for 2023 include a doubling down on cloud security, a measure which many feel is overdue. With the hasty adoption of cloud-based technologies in recent years, largely caused by the Covid pandemic and the sudden need t facilitate effective remote working, it has become apparent that many cloud infrastructures have been configured with dangerous security loopholes. New protocols, including stringent access management with the cultivation of a "zero trust" mindset, will be the approach in 2023.

Meanwhile, banking looks set to wake up to the possibilities afforded b biometric technology. By providing biometric authentication methods for their customers, financial institutions hope to reduce the level of fraud. Using techniques such as fingerprint sensors in payment cards will robustly verify the authorised user before transactions may take place and eliminate the need for passwords which are too often stolen by hackers.

And when it comes to cyber recruitment, experts are predicting that 2023 will be a year of change here, too, with an increase in the number of women taking up cyber security roles, whilst the need for developing new skills for existing employees will be prioritised by many organisations.

How To Stand Out In 2023.

The good news is that if you are a woman looking for a new cyber security career, this year should be a great one. In addition to an increase in the number of women attaining relevant degrees, major organisations such as Microsoft Security are actively looking to bring in more female talent [2]. And for all candidates, this year is the time to broaden your skills portfolio to be as attractive as possible to prospective employers. Developing and demonstrating expertise in areas such as data security, cloud security, and DevSecOps will be especially useful. After all, in the current economic climate, offering the maximum value will be a crucial way to stand out at the application and interview stages.

The essential factor to remember is that if you have the right skills, then you will find yourself in demand as a cyber professional. There is still a significant skills gap in this field, so take the opportunity to find your ideal role. With so many options likely to be available to you, it makes sense to partner with an expert in cyber recruitment to ensure that you access the very best opportunities out there.

At Inspire Tomorrow, we have the industry knowledge and network to connect our candidates with their dream roles, helping them achieve all of their cyber security career objectives. Find out more about our specialist services today, at www.inspire-tomorrow.com.

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